Turning Dreams Into Reality

   Initially, taking a leap of faith for anything, especially a dream, can feel gut-wrenching. Especially if you give everything you've got into the one dream and you don't look back. My name is Kyndall Johnson, founder and CEO of Kostlich and Couture, and I personally want to welcome you to MY DREAM.

   My dream all started when I was in high school. I knew I wanted to one day own my own business, but at that moment, I wasn't exactly sure what that business would consist of specifically. Then one day it all of a sudden clicked. I love fashion, marketing, and making women feel BEAUTIFUL! As a woman, I know all too well what it feels like to sometimes not feel beautiful or feel "unsatisfied" in my own skin. That feeling of being self-conscious is something I would never wish on anyone, but I have struggled with terribly growing up. My goal for Kostlich and Couture is to not only make women all over the world feel comfortable in the clothes they are wearing, but also make them feel empowered and appreciated in their own skin. Oh, and I love baking, so why not throw in some sweet treats here and there.



   Kostlich and Couture is your perfect shop for all things trendy all year long! Our goal is to make you feel current with the latest styles while walking into work, school, or the special event coming up on your calendar. Whatever the occasion is, don't worry, we've got you covered.


   Expect a whole bunch of variety from our blog. We're going to be talking about topics such as travel tips for women, make-up and skincare, and of course, the latest fashion trends. We will even mix it up sometimes and discuss recipes of some tasty treats. We love a good variety!


   Unfortunately, if you don't live in Columbus, Ga. or the surrounding areas, this doesn't pertain to you. However, if you're a local, we offer a variety of birthday cakes, cake pops, cookies, and even cupcakes to top your party off with a YUM! Visit our Instagram @kostlichandcouture to see past projects. Feel free to DM us to book, find out about pricing, and to talk about personalizing your treats.

Thanks for visiting our blog.


-Kyndall J